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Hey there! 

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I am passionate about assisting organisations, especially those that demand a high level of vision, design solution aptitude and polish in transforming user challenges into seamless experiences at scale.


Having worked on a variety of graphic/visual design projects for over ten years, I am able to deliver unconventional solutions using visual design while being proficient in a variety of design tools, acting in a variety of roles, working with different teams, and utilising creative problem-solving tools.


Well-versed in clearly conveying intricate ideas and procedures, I have a focused approach in all aspects of the design process from sensitising myself to the expression at hand, to the analysis that UX/UI Design demands.


As a senior visual designer, I currently work on brand identity, design tools, social media ads, infographics, and experiential projects for one of the global top asset management companies, BlackRock.


When not designing, you may find me playing PS5, watching Netflix, or playing cricket.

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