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Press Release


  • Won the Global Design awards 2021 for Brand Photography in Diversity with BlackRock team, October 2021.

  • Won the National award at the CMO Asia Forum as best Digi-tech designer on social awareness poster, August 2021.

  • Nominated for a Global Poster Design on “Outer Space” at an International Design Competition, Poster Stellar, New Jersey, USA, July 2021.

  • Given a certificate of appreciation from the client (Piramal Ltd) for excellent design work for their event in Hong Kong.

  • Nominated on both competition ‘Eco Poster’ and ‘Anti-Aids’ from Triennale, Ukraine.

  • First profoundly hearing handicapped student to complete Master's Degree in Graphic design from NID, Ahmedabad.

  • Actively involved in social work. Participated in makeover of Paediatric ward at some well-known hospitals in Mumbai.

  • Received scholarship from Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation for completing all levels of educational main stream - Secondary, Higher secondary, Bachelor's and Master's.


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